Q: What programs of study are offered at Mason in Loudoun?

A: Visit the Programs of Study page for a complete list of academic and enrichment programs available at Mason in Loudoun.

Q: Is there a shuttle from the Fairfax Campus to the Loudoun site?

A: No, Mason Shuttles do not serve Mason in Loudoun.

Q: Where can I get a Mason photo ID?

A: Mason IDs can be picked up at the Loudoun site by arranging an appointments by phone (703-993-4350).

Q: Where can I park at Mason in Loudoun?

A: Visit the Loudoun Parking page for information on where to park at Mason in Loudoun. Parking is free in designated parking spaces, but a parking pass is required.

Q: What dining options are available at Mason in Loudoun?

There are several fast food chains within two miles, and several local restaurants deliver to Mason in Loudoun. Vending machines are on site for light refreshments.

Q: Is there a Lost and Found on campus?

Lost and found items may be turned in at the Security Desk on the 3rd floor. Contact Loudoun Administration at 703-993-4350 with questions.

Q: Is there a student lounge at Mason in Loudoun?

A: Yes, two student lounges are equipped with computers for student use. Each lounge has three workstations equipped with PCs for preparing assignments, conducting research, and other academically-related pursuits. They are located on the first and second floors.

Q: How do I reserve space to hold an event at Mason in Loudoun?

A: For information on event space, contact Mason in Loudoun Administration/Events Scheduling at loudoun@gmu.edu.

Q: Is there a Copy Center at the Loudoun site?

A: Pay-for-print is available in the student lounge in the second floor for routine copying needs. Card Readers on these machines accept payment using a Mason ID card, Cash Card, or Department Copy Card. To add credit to payment cards, visit the Mason Money website.